Replenishment & cash

RRDM Replenishment supports up to four denominations and currencies per ATM and is made up of five workflow type steps which includes physical inspection verification, cassettes and rejected tray totals, captured cards, deposits of any time and forecasting of cash.

Special attention was placed on ease of use and streamlined  input aiming at maximising the branch’s minimum personnel training and effectiveness.

All needed information such as totals, transactions, errors (exceptions), captured cards information is readily available on screen to assist with the realization of the replenishment process. As a result, there is no need to search manually through paper journals.

Depending on the type of replenishment, a forecast of needed cash per cassette is recommended. This is based on past data using statistical analysis.

At the end of the operation a report is printed for the ATM officer and branch manager to sign.

A captured card management facility is also available providing automatic viewing, the reason for the capture and a report that can be printed and delivered to customer.

For Cash In transit (CIT) providers management, a workflow is in place to identify  the cash level of ATMs and if required a message will be sent to appropriate entities for action. The up to minute cash flow of ATM providers is also available online based on their replenishment activity.

Therefore, the replenishment addresses, in a systematic and auditable way, any issues which may arise in a quick and efficient manner.