RRDM for ATMs  compares the following files / entities and flags differences:

  • ATM e-journal read online and parsed automatically to retrieve :
    • Errors (both vital and warnings)
    • Transactions
    • Counters
  • Core Banking System transaction files and General Ledger
  • Switches files
  • Cassettes notes counting during replenishment.

In addition in the whole process the Cards authorisation and confirmation are matched and reconciled.

Flagged differences or identified issues are addressed by the system in a systematic and auditable manner, which can be done at the branch or centrally. Corrective transactions are created for automatic or manual posting.

If reconciliation is done centrally, an accelerated reconciliation solution can be used, based on predefined rules. Errors and differences are settled in total.

At the first step of the reconciliation workflow a single screen provides the operator with an overview of the reconciliation state. In subsequent steps the operator is guided with user friendly interface. All information and actions taken are saved for future use in case of auditing or dispute management.