The systematic approach of addressing Replenishment, Reconciliation and Disputes makes available rich information for managing the ATMs by middle and senior level management.

At any moment daily, the central controller has an up to minute overview and detail status of all ATMs with regard to replenishment and reconciliation differences. Based on this information, effective actions can be taken for the ATM’s total operation.

At a management level, rich periodic information is available online. Such information includes ATM operational statistics, cash utilization. Personnel and  Cash In Transit companies performance is monitored, analyzed and reported.

ATMs profitability is based on a number of cost and revenue factors. Cost drivers include capital cost, maintenance cost, employee time allocation cost, consumables cost. Revenue includes direct commission and indirect income when ATM is used for withdrawals and deposits instead of cashier.

Extensive reporting is available, including audit trail, open incidents, actions taken.

Reporting on deviation from quality benchmarks set by management is also available and alerts are sent to personnel and management for corrective actions.