Integrated dispute management is one of RRDM for ATMs key features, thus disputes are reduced due to proactive and exact actions taken  by personnel during Replenishment and Reconciliation.  Many of the cases that have resulted in disputes been raised are resolved and settled in a systematic way

The management of a dispute is divided into three stages:

  1. Pre-investigation where the branch or call centre has all past information, e-journals, errors, video clip of the customer being served readily available to resolve the dispute at the spot and less hassle for Bank and  customer.
  2. Dispute registration where the dispute is registered and the appropriate form is printed for signing.
  3. Dispute management, resolution action. Specialized personnel investigates the disputes and take action on them. The necessary transactions are posted automatically or vouchers are printed for manual input to the Banking system.

Different online alerts and reports are readily available to facilitate timely addressing of disputes.