RRDM Solutions moves to Thailand and Australia. In February new partner teams will be trained. In parallel demos to major Banks in Thailand and Australia will take place.  


RRDM Solutions had built and tested a new module, the Nostro reconciliation. Module was built using the same platform and written ready code that RRDM for ATMs was built.


Wirecard (GFG) South America will be trained on RRDM for ATMs. wirecard will start promoting the system to their current Bank customers in the countries of South America.


The promotion effort continues with high level visit and meetings with Banks in Thailand. In this country RRDM can provide maximum return due to big number of ATMs and the fact the banks in Thailand welcome new technologies that add benefits to their operations and customer service.   


RRDM Solutions for ATMs was demonstrated to a major Bank in Thailand. The audience had a chance to see and examine the built system using encrypted production data. They were impressed with the innovative approach and the anticipated benefits. They will include it in 2017 budget.


RRDM Solutions was presented to Banks in Philippines and Thailand. The feedback for this innovative product was very good. RRDM can automate current manual or semi-manual operations.
Selling cycle for Banks is rather long. Our current objective is to include RRDM solution in their next budget. There is great interest and some of the Banks already are moving towards this direction.


GFG Group was absorbed by wirecard ( Business is as usual and now RRDM will be promoted from a much bigger sales force.


RRDM Solutions and GFG Group demonstrated the RRDM solution to 27 Banks in Manila.


RRDM Solutions and GFG Group had signed a formal teaming agreement for promoting,  selling and implementing  the RRDM solution products internationally.


RRDM Solutions and GFG Group have agreed to explore opportunities for jointly marketing and selling RRDM’s solution for ATMs.
GFG Group is a leading global provider of innovative consumer electronic payments solutions and services to banks, mobile network operators and third party processors.
More than 100 organizations in over 30 countries use GFG Group solutions.


Following two years of analysis, design, development and testing with copies of production files the RRDM for ATMs version 1.0 is now ready for the first implementation.


This is the first day of RRDM Solutions web site!