Replenishment & Cash

Manages replenishment fast and easily with in-built workflow management.

Paper journal transactions and alerts are available online.

Replenishment by Branch personnel or by an external company.

Forecast cash requirement is available based on statistical analysis of historical data with the possibility of applying ad hoc and systematic adjustments for specific future requirements.

Up to four currencies per ATM.

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Delivers a single screen to provide the user with an overview of the reconciliation state.

Reconciliation for both ATM and back-end systems.

Reconciliation can be done for one or many ATMs simultaneously.

Reconciliation can be centralized or decentralized.

Solutions to reconciliation differences are proposed by the system.

Transactions created automatically.

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Disputes are reduced due to proactive and exact actions taken by personnel during Replenishment and Reconciliation.

All past information is readily available centrally or at branch level including errors and customer transaction video clips.

Automatically creates cases for incident management based on the available information, following a cardholder claim.

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Centrally controlled replenishment , reconciliation and disputes.

An MIS tool that includes ATM operational statistics, cash utilization, profitability.

Personnel or Cash In Transit companies performance monitoring.

Extensive reporting, including audit trail on open incidents, actions taken.

Reporting of deviation from quality benchmarks set by management.

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Replenishment Reconciliation and Dispute Management For ATMs

RRDM is an innovative and truly integrated solution designed to redress the many issues faced by banking professionals required to work with disparate systems for their ATM operation and management.

The system implements a systematic approach to considerably improve hitherto manual, as well as ad hoc processes of managing the workflows of:

  • ATM replenishment
  • ATM reconciliation
  • Dispute Management
  • Dispute Management based on current and past information
  • Capture Cards Management
  • Cash in ATM management
  • Cash In Transit (CIT) cash statement
  • MIS including ATM profitability and personnel performance

The comprehensive, user-friendly and intuitive interface guides users through the necessary steps required to reconcile both the ATM and host general ledger files. A single screen provides the operator with an overview of the reconciliation, automatically identifies differences and proposes actions to be taken to resolve them.